Here is a list of issues that were fixed in this release - build 2.6.53.

Issue Key Description
AVSUPPORT-61787 A customer could not decline email restore requests. When selecting emails and clicking 'decline' the email disappears but showed again after reloading the page.
AVSUPPORT-62150 A phishing email was not detected due to not scanning images with OCR.
AVSUPPORT-62127 MSP portal - scheduled Usage data reports were not sent.
AVSUPPORT-61812 The user reported phishing screen was not loading.
AVSUPPORT-61206 For few domains, SmartPhish was not recognizing the full domain when scanning the URLs in the email body, resulting in the wrong evaluation of threat.
AVSUPPORT-60809, AVSUPPORT-60890, AVSUPPORT-61065, AVSUPPORT-60791, AVSUPPORT-60689, AVSUPPORT-60806, AVSUPPORT-60902, AVSUPPORT-60922, AVSUPPORT-61032, AVSUPPORT-60667 Adding SmartPhish AllowList rule using Mail Explorer failed.
AVSUPPORT-60311 For many customers using new UI, Custom Queries frequently took a very long time to load, and in many cases - did not load at all.
AVSUPPORT-59426 In some cases, newly created BlockList rules did not show "update time" in new UI.
AVSUPPORT-60169 In the new UI, the user reported phishing page was sometimes showing incorrect recipients.
AVSUPPORT-60104 New UI did not allow updating passwords from the Settings page.
AVSUPPORT-60076, AVSUPPORT-60102, AVSUPPORT-60103, AVSUPPORT-60227, AVSUPPORT-60490, AVSUPPORT-60717, AVSUPPORT-60758, AVSUPPORT-60419 Configuring Anomaly Detection for some new UI using the new UI prompted an error message that “restore request approver field is required”.