Here is a list of issues that were fixed in this release - build PROD_2021_w25.

Issue Key Description
AVSUPPORT-64232 Users sync terminated before finishing for a customer.
AVSUPPORT-56571 ClickTime Protection link not updated correctly in some href attributes
AVSUPPORT-64419 Some customers experienced authentication flow issues - instead of going to the dashboard they were redirected back to the authentication page.
AVSUPPORT-63627 Dashboard Heat Map showed no login events for some customers.
AVSUPPORT-63514 ClickTime Protection URL v2 generated some broken links.
AVSUPPORT-60614 Dashboard info boxes showed 'History not available'.
AVSUPPORT-62355, AVSUPPORT-56870, AVSUPPORT-56973, AVSUPPORT-57746, AVSUPPORT-60296, AVSUPPORT-62537, AVSUPPORT-62545, AVSUPPORT-57606,  AVSUPPORT-62894, AVSUPPORT-63088 Some Admin Restore Request emails contained broken links due to migration to the new portal.
AVSUPPORT-64608 Query 'export as CSV' did not export the data.
AVSUPPORT-63976, AVSUPPORT-64194 Teams health status showed the error "Not able to subscribe for messages", while integration was working correctly.
AVSUPPORT-64251 System logs page column header label was not formatted correctly.
AVSUPPORT-64247 User Report Phishing screen was missing the Status column.
AVSUPPORT-64219 Mail was not directed into the junk folder.