Here is a list of issues that were fixed in this release - build PROD_2021_w24_9.

Issue Key Description
AVSUPPORT-58759, AVSUPPORT-61234, AVSUPPORT-58467 [New UI] Lastline report for malicious attachments was not loading.
AVSUPPORT-63996 An edge case where Click Time Protection rewritten URL was malformed, not leading to the original URL.
AVSUPPORT-61421 Fixed bad parsing of non-latin UTF-8 characters in internal emails.
AVSUPPORT-63481 For some customers, UI showed event 'remediated' and email 'quarantined', but it was not actually quarantined.
AVSUPPORT-61750 DLP Policy fails to create due to failure in O365 encryption rule creation.
AVSUPPORT-63514 Some Click Time Protection URLs were generated as broken link in URL v2.
AVSUPPORT-63357 Some emails were not scanned properly in inline mode due to wrong policy matching.
AVSUPPORT-63368 Some emails were not scanned due to temporary service malfunction.
AVSUPPORT-63297 Some spam emails were detected as such but not sent to the Junk folder.
AVSUPPORT-62681 Customers behind Sophos experienced missed email detection.
AVSUPPORT-62489, AVSUPPORT-62541, AVSUPPORT-62468 Report Misclassification was rendered in poor layout in some clients.
AVSUPPORT-61764 PDF file was scanned as filetype "image/jpeg", resulting in wrong scanning.
AVSUPPORT-60451 License status was not displaying correctly in some MSP portals.
AVSUPPORT-33659, AVSUPPORT-34975, AVSUPPORT-33953, AVSUPPORT-36106 A customer experienced admin alerts for Requests to Release from Quarantine still sending when alerts were disabled.
AVSUPPORT-63137 New UI ws not showing all details in the system tasks.
AVSUPPORT-60753 Contact Support button did not open the form from queries pages.
AVSUPPORT-60675 When clicking the 'send original' email button, the popup had a title 'False'.
AVSUPPORT-62294 Lastline and SmartDLP detections showed ❕ sign but click was not possible.