Here is a list of issues that were fixed in this release - build 2.6.54.

Issue Key Description
AVSUPPORT-58056, AVSUPPORT-62217 [New UI] When specifying a group using the Group Filter feature (Configuration > SaaS Apps > Configure for Office 365 Mail), the group filter did not save.
AVSUPPORT-62354 [New UI] Custom queries export to CSV was not working.

A customer was unable to create ClickTime Protection policy due to missing Google G-Suite groups
AVSUPPORT-61616 A customer was trying to configure the O365 OneDrive malware workflow and the operation failed, screen stopped responding.
AVSUPPORT-60699 Splunk App failed to accept Avanan keypair as credenitals.
AVSUPPORT-60781, AVSUPPORT-56907, AVSUPPORT-57981, AVSUPPORT-59483, AVSUPPORT-59904, AVSUPPORT-60098, AVSUPPORT-60108, AVSUPPORT-60111, AVSUPPORT-59888 In some cases, failed Login operations were presented as successful in the user action query.
AVSUPPORT-57318 For some customers, users were receiving email quarantine notification emails, while the notification configuration was not turned on.
AVSUPPORT-62613 Some users were unable to submit confirmation code when releasing emails from quarantine.
AVSUPPORT-62314, AVSUPPORT-62317 A customer experienced the failures to quarantine Google emails and files in Drive due to API permission issues. UI feedback was improved.
AVSUPPORT-61480 A customer failed to add a URL to ClickTime Protection exception.
AVSUPPORT-60699 A customer did not receive events data into their Splunk platform.
AVSUPPORT-59929 Some Spam events were not showing on the events page due to wrong remediation status.
AVSUPPORT-59934 A customer using User Reported Phishing did not see data on the reports page.
AVSUPPORT-59837 OneDrive Dedicated Quarantine User could not be saved.
AVSUPPORT-56982 Anti-phishing allow-list search did not work for a customer.
AVSUPPORT-51835 An email was not processed by Avanan due to internal error causing, and as a result it was also not saved correctly to the database - and not appearing on the portal.
AVSUPPORT-48674 In some cases the login map was showing unreadable characters.
AVSUPPORT-45123 A customer generated a custom query, later opened it and got a blank screen.
AVSUPPORT-38096 Incorrect scan time was presented for Anti-Phishing.
AVSUPPORT-61076 Okta login did not work properly from the new Okta Admin Interface.
AVSUPPORT-56661 [New UI] A customer was unable to save authentication settings in new UI.
AVSUPPORT-58368 For a customer, OneDrive Quarantine did not present the quarantined items.