Here is a list of issues that were fixed in this release - version 2.6.2.

Release deployment starts June 14th.

Issue Key Description
AVSUPPORT-24399 Updated the SSN check formats to detect missed SSN pattern
AV-43048, AVCP-841 Minor UI clarifications for Office 365 Outlook groups selection
AVSUPPORT-24026 Emails from postmaster showing as an internal user
AVSUPPORT-21270, AVSUPPORT-20276, AVSUPPORT-24053, AVSUPPORT-23630, AVSUPPORT-24049 Introduce License Manager, solving license discrepancies (wrong counting, over-subscription, etc.). Details provided on License Configuration announcement would follow.
AVSUPPORT-23529 Fixed DLP detection for Date of Birth. Some patterns were marked as clean.
AVSUPPORT-23279 Fixed Gmail email deletion after "trusted user" was selected.
The email was marked as Phishing, a notification was sent to the user, to choose if the sender is trusted, and when "yes" was clicked - the email got removed.
AVSUPPORT-20561 Fixed Login custom queries, adding conditions failed.
AVSUPPORT-13795, AVSUPPORT-12903, AVSUPPORT-12702 Fixed Lastline file scanning - some files were skipped due to service not responding within time.