Note: the release includes some infrastructure optimizations to better support system configuration high availability.


Here is a list of issues that were fixed in this release - version 2.6.5.

Deployment starts July 6th, 2020.

Issue Key Description
AVSUPPORT-26801 Some customers could not invoke blocklist rule creation from Email page - for both clean and phishing emails. Allowlist creation was available.
AVSUPPORT-26874, AVSUPPORT-26536, AVSUPPORT-26773 For some customers Shadow IT event description was missing, as well as SaaS platform not presented, on a subset of the events.
AVSUPPORT-26728, AVSUPPORT-26736, AVSUPPORT-26724, AVSUPPORT-26728 Restore operation did not work on some of the events, and the restore action from the email page did not exist. The event information presented that the email was quarantined.
AVSUPPORT-26504, AVSUPPORT-26508, AVSUPPORT-26430, AVSUPPORT-26549, AVSUPPORT-26743, AVSUPPORT-25435, AVSUPPORT-25286, AVSUPPORT-24990, AVSUPPORT-26878, AVSUPPORT-26223, AVSUPPORT-26700, AVSUPPORT-26721 Due to changes to underlying infrastructure, some portals stopped generating Admin email alerts.
AVSUPPORT-26144 For a specific tenant, Outlook Calendar invitation emails that included "Need response" were grayed out, and receiver could not approve paticipation.
AVSUPPORT-22490  Avanan side menu scroll bar visibility improved
AVSUPPORT-25650  O365 Group Filter was not applying for large O365 tenants (+100k users), and users were not properly filtered out.
, AVSUPPORT-25666 For a specific tenant, it was impossible to exclude a single user from scope on DLP policy.
Cant exclude from policy scope
AVSUPPORT-20780 Few customers in inline mode had emails marked as phishing over, and alert includes prepending "Phishing Alert!" to the subject, but no action was taken.