Here is a list of issues that were fixed in this release - build PROD_2021_w27.

Issue Key Description
AVSUPPORT-65191, AVSUPPORT-65885 In some cases the Allowlist rule creation was not working from "Create Rule / Similar Email" on the email page.
AVSUPPORT-65547 A customer could not decline email restore requests. When attempting to restore, the entries were showing again.
AVSUPPORT-65190, AVSUPPORT-65606, AVSUPPORT-65201, AVSUPPORT-65772, AVSUPPORT-65813, AVSUPPORT-65382, AVSUPPORT-65517, AVSUPPORT-65769 Some tenants managed by MSP portals experienced user permissions randomly removed.
AVSUPPORT-64860 SPF check failed for some emails when Avanan is placed behind ProofPoint due to different IPs being reported.
AVSUPPORT-64642, AVSUPPORT-64625, AVSUPPORT-64665, AVSUPPORT-64416, AVSUPPORT-64630, AVSUPPORT-64633, AVSUPPORT-64636, AVSUPPORT-64644, AVSUPPORT-64647, AVSUPPORT-64651 Some MSP admins failed to log in to the managed tenants, with server reporting HTTP 500 error message.

AVSUPPORT-62150 Email page was not showing email attachments for specific emails.
AVSUPPORT-65094, AVSUPPORT-65249, AVSUPPORT-65375, AVSUPPORT-65342, AVSUPPORT-65092, AVSUPPORT-65113, AVSUPPORT-64430, AVSUPPORT-65095, AVSUPPORT-65286, AVSUPPORT-65326, AVSUPPORT-65377, AVSUPPORT-65351 Several portals were experiencing MS Teams error 'unable to subscribe for messages'.
AVSUPPORT-64949 When saving Allowlist or Blocklist rules, a confirmation dialog showed unformatted message.
AVSUPPORT-64948 When assigning and un-assigning licenses, an unformatted message was presented.
AVSUPPORT-63627 Homepage login map was not showing login events for some tenants.
AVSUPPORT-65190 Fixed the need to scroll to see the actions dots on User Management screen.