Here is a list of issues that were fixed in this release - build 2.6.34.

Issue Key Description
AVSUPPORT-45986 A phishing email sent to a distribution list reached the end-user mailbox but did not appear in the portal. The email processing was not performed well due to load, a fix was applied to reduce likelihood of similar issues.
AVSUPPORT-45962 ClickTime Protection engine did not replace all the URLs in an email. Different limitations that caused this gap were removed.
AVSUPPORT-45716 For some customers emails were marked with SCL score of 5, but were not sent to the junk folder. Mail processing misconfiguration was resolved.
AVSUPPORT-45814 A customer with both 'audit general' enabled (O365) and mailbox audit enabled, but no login events were generated on the portal. A misconfiguration was resolved.
AVSUPPORT-45672 O365 Onboarding failed due to failure to find Company Admin role Id. Changes made to locate the admin in additional methods.
AVSUPPORT-45389, AVSUPPORT-45439, AVSUPPORT-45779, AVSUPPORT-45615, AVSUPPORT-45669 Users with 'user roles' could not access custom queries. An error message appears saying "insufficient privileges".
AVSUPPORT-44890 A customer was unable to bulk dismiss anomaly security events by selecting all and dismissing them.
AVSUPPORT-44846 A customer experienced missing several weekly reports. Report generation failures fixed.
AVSUPPORT-43666 Email failed to be scanned by SmartPhish, Event showed "no response from service". Another engine retry mechanism was added.
AVSUPPORT-43060, AVSUPPORT-45843 User reported phishing was not being generated correctly for some customers using a knowbe4 phishing button.
AVSUPPORT-42854 Blocklist page was loading slowly for a customer creating +1500 blocklist rules. Changes made to ensure faster load time.