Here is a list of issues that were fixed in this release - build 2.6.37.

Issue Key Description
AVSUPPORT-47102, AVSUPPORT-49102 For some customers Mail Explorer did now present emails that appear in Custom Queries. The emails were reported on by end-users as missed phishing.
AVSUPPORT-48957 In some cases the recipients "contains" filter in Mail Explorer returned no results for partial email address.
AVSUPPORT-48849 A customer portal was not presenting any information. The admin email was not properly configured in the portal management.
AVSUPPORT-48015, AVSUPPORT-48803, AVSUPPORT-49187, AVSUPPORT-48698, AVSUPPORT-48390, AVSUPPORT-49027, AVSUPPORT-48478, AVSUPPORT-48568 Some of the Office 365 Login event were presented as Success, while in fact the Login failed" due to "Invalid User Name Or Password". This was caused due to change on Microsoft API, adjustments were made.
AVSUPPORT-46510, AVSUPPORT-49061, AVSUPPORT-46432, AVSUPPORT-45178, AVSUPPORT-47851, AVSUPPORT-45084, AVSUPPORT-46790 Allow list rule creation failed with message "allow list rules can not be created", requesting to specify data in at least one of the search criteria fields.
AVSUPPORT-47720, AVSUPPORT-48469 GSuite configuration was wrong. Customer changed tenant (portal), some configurations pointed to previous tenant.
AVSUPPORT-20439 Malicious URL and URL Click were not presented in the events list by default (main dashboard).
AVSUPPORT-47302 O365 DLP Pending Event count filters did not reflect New and Detected DLP events.