Here is a list of issues that were fixed in this release - build PROD_2021_w32.

Issue Key Description
AVSUPPORT-53509 Portal password could not be reset since CAPTCHA verification failed.
AVSUPPORT-69157, AVSUPPORT-67282, AVSUPPORT-67812 Quarantined spam emails were not automatically released by clicking on link from the notification email.
AVSUPPORT-65190, AVSUPPORT-65201, AVSUPPORT-65382, AVSUPPORT-65517, AVSUPPORT-65769, AVSUPPORT-65772, AVSUPPORT-65813, AVSUPPORT-65606 In tenants connected to an MSP, some of the user permissions were dropped.
AVSUPPORT-65547, AVSUPPORT-67403 Some restore request decline action failed, however the entries in the screen disappeared.
AVSUPPORT-62947 A few quarantined emails incorrectly showed as "Outgoing".
AVSUPPORT-59211 Shadow IT (Analytics) page was not populated, no entries showed.
AVSUPPORT-67213 A customer could see no login events, although Auditing was enabled in O365.
AVSUPPORT-67212 Custom widgets in the homepage did not show all the information, some data was presented when hovering over the widget.
AVSUPPORT-69370, AVSUPPORT-65578 In some cases the DLP policy was missing the alerts section.