Here is a list of issues that were fixed in this release - build 2.6.47.

Issue Key Description
AVSUPPORT-57299, AVSUPPORT-28502, AVSUPPORT-28805 A customer experienced incorrect users count for inline protected and monitored-only users in the weekly reports (monitoring summary section).
AVSUPPORT-57746, AVSUPPORT-57606, AVSUPPORT-56973, AVSUPPORT-56870 Admin restore request emails contained broken links for some customers that migrated to the new management portal UI.
AVSUPPORT-57318 A customer experienced users receiving quarantine notification emails even though they were not selected in the workflows.
AVSUPPORT-57866, AVSUPPORT-56834 Inconsistent blocking of phishing emails caused by malformed attachment names. A fix now causes the system to treat these files as .html file.
AVSUPPORT-56653 Some Click Time Protection links were not rewritten due to spaces in the links.
AVSUPPORT-57359, AVSUPPORT-48280 Some anomaly events were not generated. Anomalies thresholds and time frames were updated.
AVSUPPORT-57225, AVSUPPORT-57125, AVSUPPORT-57162, AVSUPPORT-57164, AVSUPPORT-57167, AVSUPPORT-57173, AVSUPPORT-57179, AVSUPPORT-57226, AVSUPPORT-57227, AVSUPPORT-57240, AVSUPPORT-57294, AVSUPPORT-57308, AVSUPPORT-57313, AVSUPPORT-57397, AVSUPPORT-57398, AVSUPPORT-57303, AVSUPPORT-57301, AVSUPPORT-57086, AVSUPPORT-57377, AVSUPPORT-57386 Event actions were not working - including quarantine, release, move to spam, and dismiss. 
AVSUPPORT-53301, AVSUPPORT-53311, AVSUPPORT-53294, AVSUPPORT-53354, AVSUPPORT-53299, AVSUPPORT-53307, AVSUPPORT-53322 Phishing Info Box on the main dashboard started showing too many event types - Pending and Total were showing Phishing, Spam and Suspicious events.
AVSUPPORT-39400, AVSUPPORT-57423 In some cases duplicate emails were sent when Avanan customers exchanged emails.
AVSUPPORT-55277 In some cases OneDrive file alerts were not showing the file owner.
AVSUPPORT-51362, AVSUPPORT-57612 Some Managed Service (IRaaS) customers were not receiving the IRaaS daily report.