Here is a list of issues that were fixed in this release - build 2.6.20.

Issue Key Description
AVSUPPORT-34928 When Check Point Threat Extraction engine is enabled, the reply/reply-to field did not behave properly. When replying to the email, instead of using the reply-to address the original sender was used.
AVSUPPORT-36109, AVSUPPORT-36460, AVSUPPORT-36437, AVSUPPORT-36133, AVSUPPORT-36425, AVSUPPORT-36419 For some customers the Anti-Phishing Allowslist screen did not load, screen was blank. This issue caused because of underlying infrastructure issues, where a font was not loaded correctly.

AVSUPPORT-35981 For some customers the main dashboard load slowly due to Map load issues. The map loading tool almost a minute to load, and until it fully loaded the dashboard did not respond (tooltips did not show, clicks, etc.).
AVSUPPORT-33703, AVSUPPORT-35143 Few customers has custom query configured with a quarantine action, that was not executed. The rules engine had issues processing the needed information, taken from multiple sources, and the fix made sure the information becomes available to the engine.
AVSUPPORT-33659, AVSUPPORT-33953, AVSUPPORT-34975, AVSUPPORT-36106 In some cases the Admin Alerts for Requests to Release from Quarantine were sending emails although the alerts were disabled.
AVSUPPORT-32272, AVSUPPORT-33805, AVSUPPORT-36111 A few customers tried to decline a 'restore from quarantine' request and failed. When the admin tried to release the item the screen got stuck indefinitely.