Note: the release includes some infrastructure optimizations to better support Office 365 Email users synchronization.

Here is a list of issues that were fixed in this release - build 2.6.18.

Issue Key Description
AVSUPPORT-33910, AVSUPPORT-34940, AVSUPPORT-35133 For some O365 mailboxes, phishing emails were not scanned and not found in the portal. This happened due to O365 mailbox provisioning issues, Avanan will now overcome these issues.
AVSUPPORT-33758 When creating an allow list rule, the system did not perform reclassification of matching emails as clean. This is critical when cleaning a POC and it needs to work again.
AVSUPPORT-33669 Some login events for a user were missing from custom queries. The issue caused for users logging in with an alias and not the primary email.
AVSUPPORT-26761 Google Drive file was marked as malicious but remained on the drive. The issue caused by wrong handling of newly created user (the file owner), it was marked by the system as an internal user.