Avanan is enhancing the email post-delivery security layer. With the new post-delivery enhancements Avanan improves the ability to scan and remove threats out of the user’s inbox. In some cases, Post-Delivery Recheck can also reclassify previously deemed malicious emails as clean. The new capabilities are provided in addition to the inline protection, helping to detect zero-day attacks and other threats in emails that were not blocked when first scanned. Email Recheck is backed by professional Security Analysts that examine the suspected emails and authorize to remove them out of the inbox if needed.

What is Post Delivery Security?

Avanan’s unique architecture allows for the ability to protect O365 Email in Inline mode, blocking the email before it reaches the inbox, after all the other email security solutions already scanned it. This positioning allows Avanan to stop the advanced threats that default layers miss. However, in some rare cases, it can take a few seconds, or even minutes, before the AI engine detects a new emerging attack, and the email is released to the inbox.

Post Delivery Security extends the security to emails already in the inbox. Avanan already provides Click-Time Protection, a URL rewrite solution that scans links in real-time, when the user clicks a link within emails on his email client and blocks malicious URLs.

Email Recheck expands the post-delivery protection and provides another layer of protection.

How Does Post-Delivery Email Recheck Work?

Post-Delivery Email Recheck is a multi-phase process:

  1. The Email Recheck process can be triggered by several sources, including end-users and security administrators. A few examples include: emails that were reported by the end-users as suspected phishing; clicks on malicious URLs in emails protected by Click Time Protection; email reclassification report by the security admins; and more.

  2. The emails in question are examined by Avanan AI algorithms, and - when needed - also examined by Avanan Security Analysts manually. When a malicious email is discovered the Analysts also search for similar emails.

  3. A global block action is issued, across all mailboxes protected by Avanan, for all Avanan customers. The block action includes all emails that match the relevant match criteria.

  4. All marked emails are processed by the relevant customer policy workflows. The emails are removed from the inbox and placed in Avanan Quarantine, while security events are generated and notifications sent to the users and admins.

The security event will present ‘Post-delivery recheck’ as a detection reason.

Why is Post-Delivery Email Recheck important?

Post-Delivery Email Recheck offers several important advancements:

  • Avanan continues to strengthen the capability to hunt for malicious emails even after the delivery to the inbox.

  • Email Recheck is added as a security layer on top of all existing security solutions.

  • Avanan email recheck is a reliable process, involving a professional analyst in addition to machine algorithms.

  • Post-delivery recheck harnesses the power of collaboration, where one end-user reports a potentially missed phishing attack, and all customers get protected.