Avanan is announcing today that its protection for Microsoft Teams is now available in full prevent mode. Avanan customers can now apply additional remediation actions on malicious content and data leakage in the Teams environment.

Microsoft Teams is part of Office 365, a service that offers employees and external collaborators to chat and share files (as well as online meetings). Avanan has collaborated with Microsoft to bring its award-winning protection to Teams using the Teams DLP API that was recently announced. Avanan Teams security now supports Tombstone action of files and messages.

In addition, Avanan now supports scanning text messages for malicious URLs.

With those additions, Avanan provides the following security for Teams:

  • Data Leak Prevention (DLP): protecting text messages and files including images (OCR)

  • Malware Sandboxing: scanning of files for malicious content

  • URL Scanning: blocking malicious links within files and messages

  • User Behavior Anomaly: Identifying suspicious logins and compromised accounts

  • Remediation: Tombstoning sensitive data and quarantining malicious files and messages

  • End-user education workflow: notifying users on policy violations, quarantine requests and more

More on the release here.

You can read the relevant documentation here.