Forrester Security & Risk 2020

September 22 - 23
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Join more than 300 cybersecurity professionals at Security & Risk this September. You’ll hear expert presentations, meet with Forrester analysts, and benchmark your data security strategy with peers at roundtable sessions.


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Security & Risk: Leading The Way

As attackers get more sophisticated and new technologies emerge, the strategies to protect your organization’s valuable data must also evolve.

Attend Security & Risk to learn about emerging cyberthreats, new regulatory requirements, and the latest tools and strategies needed to keep your enterprise secure.

Why San Francisco Selected Avanan as the Standard for Email Security

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How do you manage security and privacy for over fifty independently-managed organizations as one of the most highly targeted cities in the world? Michael Makstman is the Chief Information Security Officer for the City and County of San Francisco.

He leads the cyber security division for over 100,000 users across fifty departments that span every industry: hospitals, airports, construction, finance, judicial, social services, library, public safety, manufacturing and transportation, each with their own regulatory requirements. All are subject to cyberattacks from state actors, organized crime and hacktivists.

Learn why he selected Avanan as the standard for email and cloud security in Microsoft 365 and G Suite.

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Sept 22 - 23, 2020

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