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Avanan White Papers

To create the 2019 Global Phish Report, Avanan security scientists analyzed 55.5 million emails to surface key insights on how hackers target Office 365 and Gmail.

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White Paper: How Avanan Compares to Microsoft ATP

In this white paper, we break down ATP's security features for before and after an attack, examine the shortcomings of the platform, and compare it to the full-stack security of th...

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White Paper: HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud

Healthcare is migrating to the cloud, putting HIPAA regulations in a new context. This white paper identifies challenges of enforcing HIPAA compliance in the cloud, and offers tech...

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cloud account takeover featured

White Paper: Cloud Account Takeover

This white paper covers everything you need to understand about how Cloud Account Takeovers happen, why they are so dangerous, and what you can do to protect against them.

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White Paper: Seamless Security for Citrix ShareFile

Taking Advantage of Best-of-Breed Security

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White Paper: Phishing in the Age of SaaS

Why is phishing easier on SaaS Platforms?  

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White Paper: Sophisticated Phishing Attack Wreaks Havoc

Learn how a new phishing attack wreaks havoc -- and what you can do to avoid being compromised.  For a comprehensive look at a very clever but devastating phishing attack, and how ...

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Infographic: Anatomy of an Office 365 Malware Attack

Launching a malware attack on your Office 365 or Google Business Gmail users is pretty easy these days. Here's how they do it:   

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