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Spiceworks Webinar: Can Office 365 ever be secure?

Posted by Steven Toole on June 17, 2016



June 21 at 11 a.m. CT 

Can Office 365 ever be secure?

So you’re moving to Office 365 and probably a few other SaaS applications like Box, or IaaS environments such as AWS and Azure. Anyone can see that you changed your MTA, so you’re not only, exposed you’re a target.  None of these cloud applications offer malware protection out of the box, and their add-on security options only provide the most basic protection that’s typically blind to zero-day threats. What can you do?

To protect your data in the cloud, you need bulletproof security against malware that includes the full security stack: antivirus sandboxing, DLP, encryption, anomaly detection, file sanitization, endpoint compliance or more.

An entirely new approach to SaaS security has emerged from Avanan, enabling you to apply multiple layers of security to any SaaS solution.

Learn about Avanan’s breakthrough technology and discover an entirely new approach to securing Office 365 and all your SaaS applications.

On this live presentation you’ll see:

  • The top 3 three security concerns you need to know about with Office 365
  • Live demonstration of active malware being delivered to Office 365 E5 mailboxes. Will it make it through Microsoft’s most advanced security?
  • Why a CASB is simply not at all relevant to this problem
  • Deploying multi-vendor AV scanning, virus sandboxing and predictive malware scanning to Office365, OneDrive, SharePoint as well as any other SaaS and IaaS. All in just 5 minutes!
  • BONUS: Two attendees of the live event will win a pair of Beats Solo2 wireless headphones in yellow.  

Find out why this unique approach is turning heads throughout the security industry as this approach is formally unveiled to the Spiceworks community for the first time.

Register here.

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