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WannaCry: Inside The New Generation of Malware

Posted by Michael Landewe on May 16, 2017

Topics: Webinars

Government-developed malware is loose and IT teams are scrambling. No Avanan customers were affected and we had the resources of multiple partners to analyze the attack.

In this webinar, we analyze the details of the WannaCry code and look ahead at what to expect in the future for NSA-inspired outbreaks. The proliferation of state-sponsored code to unknown attackers makes it all the more necessary to improve the arsenal of tools we use to defend against them.

We will introduce the zero-day monitoring tool at www.avanan.com/gauge and show how different tools on the avanan platform respond to an outbreak.

Today, more than ever, the only protection is a multi-layer, multi-technology, multi-vendor solution--true defense-in-depth that includes the best technology that the security industry can offer.