Email Security in the Age of SaaS

Posted by Michael Landewe on March 26, 2017


What is the difference between "cloud-based" security and "cloud-native" protection?

Presented by: Michael Landewe, cofounder Avanan

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Email security used to mean a gateway. With Office365 and Gmail, this is clumsy. What's the alternative? Just moving a gateway appliance to the cloud does not make it cloud-native. 

• What is the difference between 'cloud-based' and 'cloud-native' security?
• What are the drawbacks of MTA-gateway security for email?
• How do you protect the full Office 365 and GSuite applications beyond email? File sharing, apps and collaboration need protection too!

This webinar discusses the next generation of API-based 'cloud-native' security tools that offer complete SaaS security.

• Protects all SaaS—from Office 365 and Google to Slack and Amazon,
• Protects all the entire SaaS—from email and file sharing to chat and collaboration apps,
• Protects from all types of threats—malware, phishing, data leakage, encryption and lost credentials.

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