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Webinar: Cloud Security— From Strategy to Incident Response

Posted by Steven Toole on January 30, 2017

Topics: Webinars

Expert teams from Avanan and LIFARS will discuss what you must do to secure your cloud infrastructure.

You might think your organization's cloud security posture is strong, but are there gaps you just don't know about? And if there were, how would you identify and remediate them? As companies continue to move to the cloud, it's becoming ever more important to have a multi-layered cybersecurity program in place.

The webinar will address some of the most important trends in SaaS security, what it takes to be successful, and what you must do now to secure your cloud infrastructure and applications.

Attendees will learn about:
  • The challenges in protecting users and data in the cloud.
  • How the cloud makes it difficult to identify and remediate security events.
  • What it takes to implement a successful SaaS security program.
  • How a multi-vendor, defense-in-depth approach can further secure their operations.
  • Why having an incident response plan for cloud security incidents is so important.
  • A new cloud security assessment solution to combate the SaaS security issues within their organization.