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Enhanced Visibility to Events through the Events Page

The Events page is now enhanced to provide better usability and visibility to the most critical information on email based threats.

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Managing Views in the Events Dashboard

Administrators can now create multiple Saved Views in the Events dashboard and every administrator can select a different default view. 

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Enhanced Focus on Account Takeover Events

Critical anomalies, indicating compromised accounts, are now more prominent in the main dashboard and in email alerts sent to administrators. 

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Shadow IT events now link to the original email on the new UI

Shadow IT events (in the Events screen) are now linking to the original email that triggered the event. This link allows the admins to easily find emails from unauthorized services.

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Admin email notifications now include link to the portal

Quarantine email notifications sent to the Avanan Admins will include a link back to the email page on the portal.

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Teams DLP events now support 'dismiss' operation

Microsoft Teams security events can now be dismissed, in a similar way to other security events.

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Microsoft Teams events dismiss

Microsoft Teams security events can now be dismissed, similarly to other security events.

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New Event Type: Suspected Malware

Avanan engine detections are generated with confidence level, indicating how sure the engine is of each detection. For Phishing detections Avanan already generates 2 event types: Phishing, for high co...

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MSP: Unified Security Events View is now available

Avanan Managed Service Provider (MSP) portal now offers a new screen that presents statistics of the security events from all the managed tenants. The new screen allows MSP security teams to get a qui...

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