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Anti-Malware Allow-List based on Macros

Administrators can now allow-list files from Anti-Malware based on macros they contain. 

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Anti-Malware Engine - Modified Visibility

The malware detection engines are now unified to a single Anti-Malware engine, along with enhanced visibility to the allow-listed files

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Avanan Security for Microsoft Teams is now released

Avanan is announcing today that its protection for Microsoft Teams is now available in full prevent mode. Avanan customers can now apply additional remediation actions on malicious content and data le...

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Avanan security for Microsoft Teams (Deployment starts Jun-16, 2020)

We are excited to announce support for Microsoft Teams as a new platform. Avanan is the first and only security vendor to protect Microsoft Teams!

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Avanan security for Slack

Avanan is announcing a new Security Engine for Slack. The Slack Security Engine includes Data Loss Prevention for text messages and malware protection for files.

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Avanan security for Citrix ShareFile

Avanan is announces providing security support for Citrix ShareFile. ShareFile Security includes scanning files for Data Loss and Malware.

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