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Anomaly 'Mass Senders' now allows exceptions

It is now possible to add exceptions to the 'Mass Sender' anomaly and allow mass emails from specific users.

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Admin email notifications now include link to the portal

Quarantine email notifications sent to the Avanan Admins will include a link back to the email page on the portal.

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Detection Reasons can be added to Quarantine notifications

Email notifications on quarantined emails can now include the detection reasons.

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DLP Email Notification Templates now include Detection Categories

Data Leaks (DLP) Email Notification Templates now include a new placeholder called 'Data Leak Detection Categories'. When added to the templates the system will populate the placeholder with the DLP C...

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MSP portal sends notifications when tenant is licensed

Avanan MSP Portal allows Manages Service Providers to manage their customer tenants. The portal allows to manage their customers portal life-cycle - creation, trial phase, and licensing.

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Warning Banners now include top detections reasons

Warning Banners allow to warn end-users of suspicious emails. In some cases admins choose not to quarantine some emails, for example - low confidence detections. In these cases, the admin can choose t...

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DLP: Send email alert to sender based on Subject Regex use

Avanan DLP policy now support sending email notification to the end-user based on the use of Subject Regex. The feature allows Avanan Admins to send feedback to their users when email with sensitive i...

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