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Password-Protected Documents Attached to Emails

The workflow asking end-users to enter the password to their encrypted attachments now supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF attachments.

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Innovative Secured Handling of Password-Protected Attachments

Password-protected attachments can now be inspected, even if the email does not contain their passwords.

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Adding Email Headers Based on Detections

Avanan can now add email headers to incoming emails, based on their inspection results.

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Comments for Anti-Malware and DLP Allow-List Entries

Administrators can now add comments to Anti-Malware and DLP allow-List entries. 

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Anti-Malware Allow-List based on Macros

Administrators can now allow-list files from Anti-Malware based on macros they contain. 

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Password-Protected Attachments - Default Verdict Configuration

Administrators can now configure the default Anti-Malware verdict for password-protected attachments

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Anti-Malware Engine - Modified Visibility

The malware detection engines are now unified to a single Anti-Malware engine, along with enhanced visibility to the allow-listed files

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Check Point SandBlast is now the default Anti-Malware Engine

SandBlast, Check Point's Anti-Malware and zero-day protection solution, is now the default Anti-Malware engine for all our customers.

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New Event Type: Suspected Malware

Avanan engine detections are generated with confidence level, indicating how sure the engine is of each detection. For Phishing detections Avanan already generates 2 event types: Phishing, for high co...

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