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Ensure Emails that are Allow-Listed by Avanan are not Quarantined by Microsoft/Google

Avanan can be configured to ensure allow-listed emails are not quarantined or moved to Junk by Microsoft or Google.

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Comments for Anti-Malware and DLP Allow-List Entries

Administrators can now add comments to Anti-Malware and DLP allow-List entries. 

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Anti-Malware Allow-List based on Macros

Administrators can now allow-list files from Anti-Malware based on macros they contain. 

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DLP Allow-List Based on File MD5 and Strings

Files and specific strings can now be allow-listed, so that they are not flagged as DLP violations. 

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Anti-Phishing Allow-List and Block-List based on Email Headers

Smart-Phish now supports Allow-Listing and Block-Listing emails based on their headers 

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