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Multiple Phishing Reporting Mailboxes

Avanan now supports defining multiple mailboxes to which users send emails they believe are phishing.

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Announcing User Interactions Dashboard

We're excited to announce a new and exciting dashboard that would revolutionize the way Email Security Teams review and measure their interaction with their email users.

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User Interactions Section and Configuration Screen

The Quarantine section on the side menu is being renamed to User Interactions and includes a new configuration screen.

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Restore Requests and User Reported Phishing enhancements

The Restore Requests screen and the User Reported Phishing screen have been upgraded to include filters and maintain entries history.

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Send feedback to user when request is declined

It is now possible to send feedback to the end-users when declining their requests, allowing admins to better interact with the users and provide them meaningful feedback.

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Office365 User Report Phishing Screen

Deployment starts July 13th, 2020. Earlier this year Avanan introduced support for importing "Reported Phishing" events from Office 365. Avanan now creates an event each time the end-user reported an ...

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