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Somerset, New Jersey, U.S.
SHI offers custom IT solutions as a global provider of information technology products and services.

SHI clients can start a free assessment of Avanan for email security. An audit can begin in 10 minutes, with no need to reroute email traffic. Gain insight into existing vulnerabilities and the performance of current email security.

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About SHI

Constantly growing in response to the needs of our customers in all sectors and verticals, SHI has transformed itself from a $1 million "software-only" regional reseller into a $10 billion global provider of information technology products and services.

From software and hardware procurement to deployment planning, configuration, data center optimization, IT asset management and cloud computing, SHI offers custom IT solutions for every aspect of your environment.

SHI International

Make EDUs a No Phishing Zone with Avanan and SHI

Educational Institutions are under attack. Phishing attacks target students, staff, and alumni, who are caught off-guard and tricked into giving up login credentials. Avanan and SHI have teamed up to provide the most advanced protection for educational institutions to easily deploy for students, faculty, and alumni.

Join us this Thursday, August 22nd at 2pm EST as we talk about the phishing problem in the EDU space, and how Avanan solves these challenges.