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MSSC is a full-service Systems Integrator comprised of a dedicated team of IT professionals committed to providing our customers the best in service, support, and cost-effective solutions.

MSSC clients can get a free demonstration. After a quick walk-through, you'll see why our patented technology catches the advanced threats missed by all other security layers.

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Security and Data Protection

Since 1991 they've listened intently to their clients to fully understand their biggest IT challenges. A lot has changed over the years and MSSC has always kept ahead of the curve. In years past, data storage, management and security presented the biggest challenges for IT managers and staff. Today, they find the biggest challenge is maintaining IT competence with drastically reduced budgets. At MSSC, they combine their IT resources with the Best-of-Breed manufacturers in the industry to develop customized solutions for your business that make fiscal sense.

MSSC's innovative solutions will solve today's problems while laying the foundation for the future.