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LIFARS is the global leader in Incident Response, Digital Forensics, Ransomware mitigation and Cyber Resiliency Services.

Lifars clients can start a free assessment of Avanan for email security. An audit can begin in 10 minutes, with no need to reroute email traffic. Gain insight into existing vulnerabilities and the performance of current email security.

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Ondrej Krehal founded LIFARS in 2012, when he noticed the security gap existing between organizations and their information. Building the company on a commitment in establishing a safe, environment for our clients, Ondrej takes pride and dedication in putting our clients first.

Providing both reactive and proactive solutions to our clients ranging from data breach response, digital forensics, tabletop exercises, penetration testing, cloud security compliance.


LIFARS has become a global leader in digital forensics, and cyber resiliency services, with team members located across North America and Europe.
Named the top 20 cybersecurity company in New York and the top 500 cybersecurity company globally, LIFARS has achieved immense market recognition and success with our solutions.