Gotham Technology Group
Montvale, NJ
Gotham is professional, cost-effective, and accessible at all times to ensure the greatest productivity and success for our clients.

Gotham clients can start a free assessment of Avanan for email security. An audit can begin in 10 minutes, with no need to reroute email traffic. Gain insight into existing vulnerabilities and the performance of current email security.

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About Gotham

Gotham took up residence in New York City in August 2001 and established its corporate headquarters in Montvale, NJ in 2002. With the addition of offices in Shelton, CT (2005), and Philadelphia (2013), Gotham now operates throughout the corridor from Hartford, CT to Washington, DC, serving customers based throughout the Northeast United States; and provides goods and services across the globe.

Many of our current customers, and several members of the Gotham family have been with us longer than we've been Gotham. Several employees recently celebrated their 20th anniversaries.

This commitment to long-term relationships, both with customers and staff, has been key to our success, and we look forward to continuing this journey together for years to come.

Gotham Technology Group