Defense-in-Depth Platform Open to the Best-of-Breed Security Vendors

Robust cloud security that extends beyond email
A Cloud Security App Store

Avanan partners with the most trusted security vendors and wraps their core technology in the Avanan API, standardizing all their user, file, event, and policy information. This is more than just running code in the cloud. We make cloud-native versions of security tools that are not available anywhere else.

No Configuration

Already preconfigured and deployable in one click, with Avanan you can build your own security stack as easily as installing an app on your smartphone.

One license

We have consolidated each vendor's individual licensing model into a single per-user per month subscription. You only pay for what you need and because everything is in the cloud, purchasing multiple layers of security can be the same price as just one in a datacenter appliance.

One Click

Approve the Avanan app from the app store of the SaaS you wish to secure. Once approved with an admin account, Avanan will start securing all your users' accounts.

Featured security tools on the Avanan platform

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