Discover what Mimecast is missing in your inbox

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If you have Mimecast and are curious how effective it is in stopping advanced email threats from reaching your end users, take a moment to start our Mimecast assessment. Two weeks later, we’ll provide you with an analysis to include what attacks Mimecast missed.



"We were happy with Mimecast—until we did a POC with Avanan. Then we realized how much Mimecast was letting through and that Avanan was stopping those same attacks." 

Financial Company in New York 

Catch What They Miss

Modern phishing and BEC attacks use inside information to bypass traditional defenses and fool users. Compromised accounts can send messages internally or to trusting partners. Avanan deploys internally, capturing context out of the reach of traditional gateways, and blocks block messages before they reach the inbox. Before they spread. 

Only Pay for What You Use

Your security should respond to your business needs. Available for both monthly and annual subscriptions, usage-based-billing calculates your actual usage each day, charging you only for active accounts. No other security solution is as tightly integrated with your collaboration suite. Why should you pay for what you don’t use?

Security Beyond Email

Avanan protects the entire suite, from file shares like OneDrive and G Suite to Teams and Slack, preventing compromised accounts from spreading horizontally throughout your organization. Automatic breach prevention, compromised account detection and post-attack forensics and response locks down your exposed internal communication. No other security solution protects all your collaboration channels.

Easy Deployment

Install from the app store in just a click. With zero configuration and disruption, and the ability to work seamlessly with the security you already have in place, Avanan adds a layer of security in an instant, catching what others miss. In minutes, the domain-specific algorithm learns about your environment, quarantines existing threats, and identifies phishing, malware, data leakage, and account compromise.

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