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Lastline Sandbox on Avanan

Deploy Lastline Sandbox as an additional layer of malware protection from inside the Avanan platform and start protecting against malware in Office 365 Email, OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Drive, Gmail, Box, Dropbox, Citrix ShareFile, and Slack. Manage your cloudified Lastline Sandbox without ever leaving the Avanan dashboard.

What Lastline Sandbox on Avanan does:
Lastline gives you visibility into threats attempting to enter your network by incorporating their industry-leading sandbox technology. It deconstructs every malicious behavior engineered into an object entering via mail. It sees all instructions that a program executes, all memory content, and all operating system activity.

Avanan has partnered with LastLine to integrate its core malware sandboxing technology to run within the Avanan platform, with no need to make additional configurations.

Lastline Sandboxing enables your security team to see a complete inventory of unique file behaviors that other tools fail to detect, such as activity observed when executing programs, opening documents, unpacking archives, and rendering web content. The superior visibility even detects malware that’s engineered to evade sandboxes, next-generation firewalls, and other next-gen tools.


Get 100% visibility into your cloud right now. No risk. No obligation. No effect on your users.