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Cloud Infrastructure Security

Malware Protection for Cloud Infrastructure

Avanan’s Cloud Security Platform is able to scan all files within the S3 Deployment for Malware. Leveraging the workflow engine, Avanan can auto remediate based on these detections by quarantining malicious files or cleaning them from malware with a file-sanitization technology.

DLP and Compliance for Cloud Infrastructure

Avanan identifies confidential files and prevents the accidental share of sensitive data both outside and within your organization. Files are deleted, quarantined or encrypted before they become available to the wrong users.

Security Incident Event Management for Cloud Infrastructure

Avanan connects all IaaS user events and alerts to your SIEM, even if it is on-prem. We do this without any firewall changes, so you can manage your cloud infrastructure security with the same incident-response policies you already have in place.

Access Monitoring for Cloud Infrastructure

Monitor and control the access of your service admin, the virtual machines and the storage in your cloud environment. When they are accessed, on which devices they are accessed, and from where they are accessed.


Avanan for AWS


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