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The SaaS Zero-Day Malware Vulnerability Gauge

Default SaaS Malware Protection
Avanan Protection Enabled

SaaS Vulnerability Monitor 

Every evening, we gather the latest zero-day attacks and test them against the built-in security of popular SaaS applications. 

Lower is Better

Each graph and gauge describes the percent of malware that bypassed each SaaS defenses.

What Avanan Can Do

In one click, Avanan provides the protection of over 70 partner tools to eliminate the zero-day threat.

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The State of SaaS Security Today

What Zero-day Vulnerabilities Are Lurking In Your SaaS Apps?

We know that securing your SaaS applications is critical to your business. That's why, every evening, we gather all the zero-day phishing, ransomware and malware found during the day and test them against popular SaaS applications -- so you can see the percentage of malicious files and emails allowed through. Each dial above represents the percent of files that bypassed the native SaaS security. The lower the percentage the better. 

Some vendors offer no malware protection (so 100% vulnerability is expected) while others offer best-effort virus scanning as a built-in feature. Microsoft offers both best-effort antivirus as well Advanced Threat Protection as paid add-on. 

The Numbers

Each day, we collect the newly discoverd zero-day malware from multiple security organizations. We test them against each SaaS application simultaneously against each SaaS application plus the Avanan platform running at least one from each category of prevention:

  • Signature-based antivirus,
  • Malware sandboxing,
  • A.I. predictive malware analysis
  • Phishing/ransomeware detection.

The number of zero-day attacks vary each day, so all values are relative. Historical peaks represent unusual bursts in malware activity and zero-day virulence. Spikes in one SaaS versus another can either indicate a SaaS-specific attack or a period of unusual vulnerability.  

What can Avanan do to Protect You ?

So what can you do to protect your organization's SaaS apps from malware such as zero-day threats, Gmail exploits, Office 365 email security attacks, ransomware, and phishing?

The power of the Avanan platform is having the best of the industry's most advanced technology in one place. Signature based scanning, sandboxing, A.I. predictive detection, phishing and ransomware detection. No solution is perfect, but we know that no single product can do better. To learn more about Avanan's full-stack, defense-in-depth security for your SaaS deployment:

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