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September 15, 2021



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Jeff Raymond

Jeff Raymond
Senior Solutions Engineer

The Cloud Requires an Evolution Beyond the Secure Email Gateway

1:45 PM
Cloud email requires a new approach to security. If your corporate email relies on Microsoft or Google, you may have deployed (or are considering) a Secure Email Gateway (SEG). Originally designed as a perimeter solution for on-premise email, you should ask these questions:

  • Why do you disable the native security in our platform?
  • How can my configuration allow attackers to bypass the gateway?
  • How do we block insider email attacks?
  • How can we quarantine a compromised account?
  • How can we prevent Business Email Compromise (BEC) or impersonation email attacks?

Our cloud security expert Jeff will explain where an SEG approach falls short protecting cloud-hosted email. Touch upon fundamental architectural weaknesses of a proxy design, and arm attendees to help them make smart decisions to protect their users.

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FutureCon - Nashville

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