Data Connectors Chicago

Data Connectors Chicago

April 20 - 21

The Chicago Virtual Cybersecurity Summit is a new way to connect with like-minded executives, innovative solutions providers, experts, and luminaries. With a shared interest in security innovation in the region, summit attendees have a lot to talk about in the live, immersive virtual experience.

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Cloud Security is a key theme at this year’s conference, and we will be spearheading the conversation surrounding Office  365 — the crux of cloud email and collaboration.  Educational sessions for security professionals from industry leaders and innovative solution providers will discuss identity verification, data breach protection, and cloud email security.

Jeff Raymond

Jeff Raymond
Senior Solutions Engineer

Microsoft Teams Vulnerabilities

10:20 AM

Microsoft Teams has quickly become the go-to application for remote work, accelerating dramatically in usage over the last year. Millions of users turned to Microsoft Teams to help keep businesses going in 2020—and hackers have noticed. As Teams is still relatively new, much is unknown about how it operates and how hackers will approach it.
While the increased usage has been well-documented, what’s not been documented is whether the app is vulnerable to hacking. We will talk about discoveries that have already been made, potential risks that we see in the future, and how to best secure this relatively new communication vector.
This session will walk attendees through:

  • The many inherent vulnerabilities in the platform
  • The popular attack types
  • How hackers act differently within Teams than they do on email

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Virtual Event

April 20 - 21
9:25am - 4:00pm

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