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Email Security

Anti-Phishing for Email

Avanan's next generation security platform provides multiple tools from trusted security vendors that scan inbound, outbound, and internal emails. By using multiple layers of anti-phishing tools that sit behind Microsoft's and Gmail's default security, Avanan catches the advanced phishing attacks that Microsoft and Gmail misses.

Malware Protection for Email

Advanced predictive AI can detect and block Zero-Day malware without causing delayed delivery. Our algorithm constantly updates itself with newly discovered malware so we can block threats before other security providers are even aware of their existence.

Account Takeover Protection for Email

By collecting numerous real-world incidents, the Avanan event analysis algorithm identifies behavior that can be a sign of a compromised Office 365, Outlook, or Gmail account. Once identified, Avanan responds in real-time with effective remedies to lock out the attacker before the damage is done.

DLP and Compliance for Email

Control who your Office 365, Outlook, or Gmail data is shared with and how it is shared. Avanan's automated automated encryption and sharing policies will ensure you meet your industry’s compliance regulations without sacrificing the functionality of your cloud applications.

CASB/Shadow IT for Email

Avanan monitors all the apps installed and permissions granted by end-users within the Office 365 Marketplace and Google App Store. Based on access rights and access logs, Avanan assigns a risk-level for each application and API connection and allows you to block them from accessing your credentials.

Security Incident Event Management for Email

Avanan connects all Office 365 and Gmail user events and alerts to your SIEM, even if it is on-prem. We do this without any firewall changes, so you can manage your Office 365 and Gmail security with the same incident-response policies you already have in place.


Avanan vs Microsoft ATP

Avanan vs Microsoft ATP

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