Data Leakage Prevention

Protect confidential information in the cloud.

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Share Confidential
Information. Confidently.

Collaboration is vital to business, and providers like Office 365, Google and Box have made it easier than ever before. Your employees can share a document with partners and clients with just a click of the mouse or tap of the finger.

Unfortunately, it is just as easy to let confidential information spread to the wrong hands. Whether by email, shared folder or Shadow SaaS, private information can spread quickly.



Avanan's real-time enforcement and comprehensive auditing makes it possible to maintain industry compliance in the cloud. Manage PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, SOX and other regulatory requirements, preventing violations before they happen.

Prevent the accidental share

Avanan uses cloud-native controls to enforce granular share policy. It can change collaboration rights for individual files or an entire folder based upon their contents and context. Files can be deleted, quarantined or encrypted before they become available to the wrong users.


Identify Confidential Files

Avanan offers the industry's most advanced tools to identify confidential, financial and personally identifiable information -- most likely from a vendor you already use in your network.

In one click, spin up a cloud-based version of your favorite DLP to scan files as they enter and leave the cloud. Identify and mark every file with its confidentiality level.




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