What happens next?

  1. You will receive an email with a link to your new account.
  2. Login and select the applications to secure (Office 365, G Suite, Slack etc)
  3. Done! You are now being protected by the best email security solution in the world.


You will receive an email with your login information soon.

If you do not receive an email containing login credentials in 10 minutes,  contact support@avanan.com.

Microsoft Exchange Online Protection is not adequate to screen out all the phishing and hostile e-mails we receive through Office 365. We depend on Avanan to recognize and thwart novel attacks.
Gartner Peer Review

Easy Deployment

Install Avanan from the app store of your collaboration suite and connected apps. In just one click, the algorithm learns from your environment, quarantines existing threats, and identifies phishing, malware, data leakage, and account compromise immediately.

Security Beyond Email

Gain end-to-end control over your entire environment, from file sharing and other account activity to configuration changes in the admin console. Multiple security engines add layers to your security, ensuring that every aspect of your suite is protected from advanced threats.

Unified Visibility & Management

No longer will you have to navigate the different interfaces of your security vendors. With Avanan, all your anti-phishing, anti-malware, DLP, and account takeover protection is in one place. Set policies, workflows, and reports for every service in use at your organization from a single administrative console.

Proactive Security

Users protected by Avanan can report email-based threats and request restores of quarantined content. Beyond this, every Avanan customer receives one-on-one customer support to ensure a seamless security experience.

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