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Weekly Live Demo

Securing SaaS Applications with Check Point

Join us on Tuesday at 2:00 PM EST for a 30 minute session where we'll demonstrate how anyone leveraging cloud SaaS applications like Gmail, O365, Dropbox, Egnyte or ShareFile can begin scanning email attachments and other cloud content for malware and sensitive information using Check Point SandBlast and DLP.

Whether you are an existing Check Point customer or not, you can deploy Check Point SandBlast, AV and DLP in less than 5 minutes to help secure your SaaS applications.

During this session we will:

  • Demonstrate how to set up Check Point SandBlast to scan cloud SaaS content for malware - in less than 5 minutes
  • Upload and send emails containing sample malware to demonstrate SandBlast's effectiveness in detecting advanced threats 
  • Detect documents in an EFSS environment containing social security numbers and credit card numbers using Check Point DLP 

Session Dates

  • Every Tuesday @ 2:00 PM EST

Why does O365 or Gmail need additional security?
Scanning email attachments with signature-based anti-virus solutions is not enough.  Today for your cloud based applications, you need solutions that can detect advance malware that is designed to evade the O365 and Gmail signature-based AV scanners.  In Microsoft's own words their O365 malware detection relies only on signature-based AV solutions.

"A zero-day virus is a first generation, previously unknown variant of malware that’s never been captured or analyzed, so our anti-malware engines don’t yet have any definitions available for detecting it." -- Microsoft

How can this help secure my Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) Application?
As organizations expand their use of EFSS applications like Egnyte, ShareFile, Box, and Dropbox, there becomes a greater need to ensure content being shared is free of sensitive information and malware.  It is especially critical to scan content uploaded by 3rd parties into any EFSS environment for malware.

Check Point AV, DLP and Threat Emulation can be set up in 5 minutes to scan EFSS content for malware and sensitive information. 


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