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Cloud Email Security

Avanan combines scanning tools from top email security providers with our proprietary machine learning algorithm that looks at 300+ indicators in every email to detect and block the phishing and malware attacks that cloud security providers miss.

Our advanced A.I. is trained to block what your email provider's default security misses by analyzing your users to understand the types of attacks that target your organization.

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Avanan's Security Advantage

Deploys in one click

No complicated configurations or deployment specialists. Just install the app and voila! You're secured.

Connect via API (no proxy or agent)

Avanan's API connection gives it the ability to scan inbound, outbound, and internal emails without disrupting your mail flow

Scan more information

Avanan's anti-phishing engine uses information that external mail gateways cannot access, such as historical email chains, internal and outbound emails, the titles, relations and signatures of an account, login locations, login devices, and much more.

"Microsoft ATP couldn't compare to the amount of phishing attacks caught by Avanan."

H. Foster, CIO, Capital Caring

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Avanan vs Microsoft ATP


Of course! You can add more layers of security from within the Avanan app with a single click!

Avanan's security will extend to all your cloud applications, from email to file sharing to cloud infrastructure and beyond! See them all on our
Any Cloud page.

Of course! You can add new SaaS from within the Avanan app and your security will automatically extend to the new application with no need for configuration.

We sure do! Whether you're in healthcare, finance, or the public sector, Avanan has got you covered!

Avanan doesn't require an MTA, proxy, or agent. That means there is nothing for you or your end users to install once launching the app.

Avanan stores only metadata about each file's security status in an encrypted format. Your files and and email remain within your SaaS account.