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The Avanan CASB

If you are considering a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Avanan offers the most complete solution in the industry.


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Security for Today's Threats

The Avanan cloud security platform has partnered with top vendors in data security and threat protection to offer the best-of-breed cloud security solution in every category. Feature for feature, Avanan's CASB is both easier to deploy and offers a greater level of protection.



Avanan provides both Shadow IT and Shadow SaaS monitoring to identify unapproved cloud applications without the need to reroute traffic through a proxy or install an additional appliance. It also adds additional layers of visibility into each user's use of the cloud.

Shadow IT Monitoring

Avanan connects to your existing firewall to monitor all outbound traffic for unapproved SaaS applications and captures data from your DNS, DNS management systems or perimeter gateways via API to capture real-time web activity. 

Shadow SaaS Monitoring

The Avanan platform connects to your approved SaaS and IaaS provider to monitor third party SaaS applications that users might connect to their account. It identifies both the service as well as the level of access the user has provided.

Risk Reporting

Avanan sets a level of risk for each Shadow IT/Shadow SaaS connection, including the level of access each service might request (i.e. read-only access to a calendar might be appropriate, read-write access to email might not.)

Event Monitoring

Avanan captures both real time and historical information about every user, file, configuration and permissions event.


Data Security

The Avanan platform, by itself, is a complete data security solution that provides a full suite of policy enforcement tools to protect confidential information. By partnering with leading security vendors, it offers additional capabilities that make it the most advanced solution available today.

Data Classification

Avanan's SmartSearch tools identify personally identifiable information (PII) and other confidential text within every file, email or message.

Data Centric Access Management

Avanan can manage granular file permissions based upon the user's role and the type of data the file contains using cloud-aware enforcement options that work within the context of the cloud service.

Policy Based Encryption

Avanan makes it simple to deploy your choice of encryption across all your cloud services using role-based, context-aware policies that eliminate the need to encrypt everything, but ensures data security, even after files leave the cloud.


Phishing is the #1 attack vector. Cloud Account Takeover is the #1 attack target.

Avanan is the only CASB that protects your cloud email.

Threat Protection

Avanan is the most complete threat protection solution for the cloud, with its own security technology as well as multiple tools from the top vendors in the industry. With its "virtual inline" capabilities for email, it can quarantine a malicious file before it reaches the user's inbox.

Anti-Phishing Protection

Machine learning algorithms combine with role-based, contextual analysis of previous conversations to identify threats that Google, Microsoft and external mail gateways miss.

Account Takeover Protection

Avanan monitors every user event (not just logins) to identify anomalous behavior, permission violations, misconfiguration or "malconfiguration" changes that indicated a compromised account.

Malicious URL Detection

Every email, file and chat message is checked for malicious links.

Real-time Malware Detection

Every email and file is instantly scanned for active code and malicious content using multiple analysis engines before it reaches the inbox.

Advanced Threat Sandboxing

Suspicious files are tested in emulation to stop zero-day threats.

Predictive Malware Analysis

Next generation tools can identify zero-day threats without the delay of emulation.



Because of its tight integration with each of the SaaS, Avanan provides real time compliance auditing and enforcement for every file and user decision.

SIEM Integration

Avanan collects and correlates user, file and configuration events from each cloud provider and security tool to stream them to an organization's existing reporting infrastructure.


Even on first connect, Avanan has access to historical event data for retrospective compliance auditing as well as real time real time reporting.

Compliance Controls

No matter the regulatory regime, Avanan offers the tools and infrastructure for every industry, from GDPR and SOX to PCI and HIPAA.


Avanan's policy engine can move and encrypt files, change permissions, filter messages or use any number of cloud-native tools to ensure compliance.


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