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Check Point DLP on Avanan

Deploy Check Point Data Loss Prevention as an additional layer of DLP from inside the Avanan platform and start protecting against data leakage in Office 365 Email, One Drive, SharePoint, Google Drive, Gmail, Box, Dropbox, Citrix ShareFile, and Slack. Manage your cloudified Check Point DLP without ever leaving the Avanan dashboard.

Check Point Data Loss Prevention (DLP) combines technology and processes to revolutionize DLP, helping businesses to pre-emptively protect sensitive information from unintentional loss.

How Check Point DLP on Avanan works:
The innovative Check Point MultiSpect data classification technology combines users, content and process into accurate decisions. Check Point DLP delivers exceptionally high accuracy in identifying sensitive data including Personally Identifiable Information (PII), compliance-related data (HIPAA, SOX, PCI, etc.) and confidential business data. This is achieved through the MultiSpect technology with strong 3-tier inspection that:

  • Offers multi-parameter data classification and correlation – Multi-protocol inspection and enforcement inspects content flows and enforces policies in the most widely used TCP protocols including: SMTP, FTP, HTTP and webmail. Pattern matching and file classification allows for the identification of content types regardless of the extension applied to the file or compression.
  • Recognizes and protects sensitive forms – includes file/form matching (based on predefined templates)
  • Identifies unconventional business communication behavior
  • Leverages out-of-the-box best practice policies

In addition, an open scripting language is available for creating custom data types. This unique flexibility provides virtually unlimited support for protecting sensitive data.


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