Forrester recently came out with a report about the state of enterprise email security. The opening paragraph of the report stood out:

Forrester’s 2021 Wave evaluation of the email security market revealed that secure email gateways (SEGs) are slowly becoming dinosaurs as customers turn to the native security capabilities of cloud email infrastructure providers like Google and Microsoft. 

Let's let that sink for a moment.  SEG are becoming dinosaurs. We've talked ad nauseam about the limits of SEGs. We wrote a whitepaper about the 5 questions your SEG doesn't want you asking. We wrote about all the companies who are gladly ditching their SEGs for Avanan. We wrote about the inherent technical flaws, including why Mimecast and Proofpoint actually make Microsoft less secure. 

Forrester is now realizing this. As they write:

Security pros supplement these native capabilities with third-party solutions like cloud-native API-enabled email security (CAPES) solutions.

Avanan is the fastest-growing and most highly-rated email security solution because it delivers patented, API-based, inline security. Our solution reduces phishing reaching the inbox by 99.2%. Unlike SEGs, it doesn't make you change your MX records. And, unlike other API-based solutions, Avanan protects the entire suite—from file sharing to collaboration, another key point mentioned in the Forrester report:

As a consequence of the pandemic, many users are working remotely, and messaging applications offer them instant communication and a sense of community. The most differentiated email content security solutions today expand their protection to go beyond the inbox and also protect the communications within these messaging applications.

Next-generation attack methods require next-generation products. 

That's where Avanan comes in. 

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