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Garmin Ransomware Attack: New Escalation From Hackers

Garmin was hit with a ransomware attack in late July that affected their website, call centers and other services. 

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5 Questions Your Secure Email Gateway Vendor Hopes You Never Ask

If you use Microsoft 365 or G-Suite and are considering a Secure Email Gateway , these are the 5 questions you must ask every vendor. You won't find the answers in t...

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The Twitter attack reminds us the perils of internal threats

Twitter Hack: Attackers Gained Access Via Stolen Credentials

The Twitter attack that saw a number of major accounts—like Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Elon Musk and other celebrities—overtaken and hacked was done via a spear phishi...

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Microsoft 365 is Officially the Most Targeted Platform for Hackers

A new report confirms what has long been assumed: Microsoft Office is now the most targeted platform for hackers.

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Companies Are Ditching Secure Email Gateways. This is Why.

Secure Email Gateways were built for on-premises use and in that capacity they worked well. But ask yourself: when was the last time your email was on-premises? It's...

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API-Based Security: We Prevent. They Respond.

Highlights Avanan is the pioneer in API-based email security, having substantially more deployments than all other API-based vendors combined. The critical architect...

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This Cat Can Steal Your Microsoft Teams Account. Only Avanan Can Stop It.

This very cute GIF could actually be a piece of malware that can take over your Teams account Highlights: Avanan is the first and only security vendor to protect Mic...

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Symantec is Hacking Away at its Protection. You Are Already At Risk

Highlights: Broadcom’s purchase of Symantec will lead to cuts of $1 billion in spending on R&D and sales Their focus is now on the Global 2000 customer base whil...

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Incident Response-as-a-Service: Let Our Team Respond to Email Tickets

Highlights Avanan is introducing Incident Response-as-a-Service (IRaaS), using our team of highly-trained experts to review end-user requests to release emails from ...

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Gartner Recommendations for Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Gartner's Latest BEC Report Suggests Business email compromise (BEC) is a simple, yet deadly attack that can have devastating financial effects on a company Traditio...

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Avanan Introduces First Consumption-Based Licensing for Email Security

Highlights Avanan is introducing a new usage-based payment option for all email security plans. An optional billing method: usages are measured daily and paid monthl...

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It's Time to Consider a New Email Security Provider

If your contract with your email security provider is up for renewal, it might be a good time to take a step back and consider how that provider is performing. As wo...

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Three Email Security Recommendations in a Time of Crisis

It is a time of crisis. Your IT team is working remotely, budgets are in question, and resources are stretched more than ever. Remote users are presenting the IT tea...

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How likely is each presidential candidate to be used as bait in a phishing campaign? We found out.

Avanan doesn’t conduct polls and has no deeper insight into who will win the US presidency in 2020 than anyone else, but we do have a lot of data on phishing emails....

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Why Email Security Isn't Working

Back when email was on-premises, your email server sat somewhere in a data center, protected by your security stack that was designed specifically for on-premises em...

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What Did the CISA of Homeland Security Say at Data Connectors?

This week’s Data Connectors Cybersecurity Strategies Conference in Fort Lauderdale was a special occasion. Klint Walker, the Chief Information Security Advisor (CISA...

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Cloud Email Security Supplements Address SaaS Vulnerabilities

Gartner recognizes a new segment of email security focused on filling gaps in existing advanced threat protection. “Protecting the perimeter” was the refrain for con...

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Phishing Attacks and the Human Factor

Avanan CMO Michael Hiskey was recently interviewed on Digital Trends Live, a show about tech and its many moving parts. Host Greg Nibler led the conversation on how ...

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Mimecast vs. Proofpoint: Why They Can't Secure Office 365 & Gmail

Mimecast and Proofpoint customers might be susceptible to email attacks that other Office 365 and Gmail customers are not.  Mimecast and Proofpoint were the premier ...

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Proofpoint and Mimecast's Insider Threat Problem

Proofpoint and Mimecast are traditional email security gateways that redirect traffic through a cloud-based proxy before it reaches the email server. This works well...

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