Check Point Software and Avanan partnership See the Check Point Partner Page.

This week, we are announcing Avanan’s partnership with Check Point Technologies, a first in a list of partnerships with over 60 leading security vendors.

What is the value of protecting corporate SaaS with technologies from the leading security vendors? We believe it is the only way to offer the best-of-breed protection that large enterprises need.

Until now, if you wanted to secure your SaaS you had two options.

The first was to rely on the SaaS vendor’s own security tools. For example, for malware protection and data leakage, most offer none at all, but others, like Microsoft, are starting offer basic security capabilities for their cloud customers. Similar to Microsoft’s desktop antivirus and patch management tools, however, these entry-level solutions might be enough for some tight-budgeted organizations, but they are seldom adopted by the broader market, as they are not quite good enough for the larger enterprise.

Even as some SaaS vendors add basic security tools, they are more clearly defining the limit of their liability. None can be held liable if their platform spreads a malware infection. If you upload sensitive data, they are not responsible for maintaining share policies and preventing data leakage. These are security layers they leave to their customers. (Read the Service Level Agreement: it is called the "Shared Responsibility Model.")

The second option to secure the SaaS comes from a handful of new start-ups categorized by Gartner as Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB). Each of them focus on one security layer: some specialize in encryption; others, data classification. A few started with Shadow IT and are adding new features as quickly as they can. Considering how long it took for Check Point to become the vendor of choice for so many security tools, it just isn’t possible for any CASB vendor to offer best-of-breed technology across the full security stack. Security is hard.

It is in this context that we, Avanan + Check Point, offer our solution. Current Check Point and Avanan customers can integrate the cloud into their complete data-security solution, extending Check Point security blades into their enterprise SaaS.

These tools are not available from Check Point directly. Only Avanan offers these cloud-enabled versions of Check Point’s products. Through Avanan, Check Point is entering the Cloud Access Security Broker market with the most complete, advanced, and trusted security solution.