Alternatives to Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

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Curious why Office 365 requires additional security and the alternatives to Microsoft's Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection?

Watch this quick video that explains:
  • How hackers are leveraging email to launch malware and phishing attacks now more than ever
  • Part of the reason they are so successful: they know your company is using O365 (hint: it's a simple MX lookup)
  • With this information, hackers craft emails and landing pages to look like O365 OneDrive shares
  • Further, hackers use their own O365 accounts (with Advanced Threat Protection) to test the effectiveness of their emails reaching their intended recipients 
  • What does Microsoft O365 offer in terms of malware detection and its effectivness.  
We'll close the session with a brief explanation regarding how Avanan allows our customers to quickly layer advanced security scanning to their O365 deployment.  Avanan brings the best in breed in on-prem security from Check Point, Palo Alto, Cylance, FireEye and more to your cloud based email deployment.
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